Crackerjanne English Springer Spaniels

Seaspring Shipwrecked JW


Thank you to Teresa Dunsdon (Seaspring) for allowing us to look after Eddie which we own in partnership with her. Eddie has the sweetest temperament possible and is a joy to live with.



Sire: Sh Ch/Nord Sh Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW

Dam: Seaspring Stowaway

Date of birth: 6/03/2010

Health: DNA hereditarily clear for fucosidosis and PRA Cord 1, unaffected for goniodysgenesis, clinically clear for PRA. Hip score: 3:6=9

Eddie SESSS FEb 2011 Eddie Leeds 2011

At Leeds Champ Show - 16 months old

At SESSS Champ Show - winning Puppy Dog at 11 months

S Cos 2 2011 11 06 - midland ch show dog line up Eddie SWESSC

Winning the Reserve CC at Midland ESSS at 20 months from yearling!!

 At SWESSC winning yearling with Jane Eyeington handling.

Winning junior dog at Southern Counties at 14 months



At LKA winning his first post graduate class!

Eddie at Crufts 13

2nd in PGD

Crufts 2013..

3 days after his 3rd birthday!

Eddie at S Cos 14

2nd in Limit at Southern Counties '14


photo: Lesley McCourt